A vacation in Dooars was his last wish

One of the greatest icons of Bangla cinema, Soumitra Chatterjee was never short of enthusiasm for work as his magic on the silver screen kept audience enthralled for around six decades.

Quite understandably, the 85-year-old actor — who played many iconic roles like “Feluda” and “Apu” — was not glad when everything came to a halt due to the coronavirus-driven lockdown. 

As the restrictions were relaxed slightly, Soumitra started working again, recounted his daughter Poulami Bose in a telephone conversation with The Daily Star.

“We protested the decision immediately, but he would not listen to anyone. He insisted on continuing working.

“We worked on one of my documentaries at Bharat Lakshmi studio even a day before he fell ill. It was a documentary on him. The shooting took place for three days. The work remains incomplete. He could not even watch his biopic played by Parambrata Chatterjee.”

Soumitra was looking forward to spending some time close to the nature once the Covid-19 restrictions would completely be lifted.

Not a fan of idle pleasure, the actor, however, was longing for a vacation this time. “He had even spoken about this to Horeram Kaku [uncle], his friend, who owns tea garden at Dooars,”  Poulami said.

“But that was not to be … His last wish remains unfulfilled!”

Poulami said even in the hospital, Soumitra wanted to keep writing. “Baba told me to keep a pen, paper and his spectacles beside his bed. He said that he might get bored, so he should write a little too. But he could not pen a single word.”

Poulami said she did not just lose her father, but the dearest friend and the most trustworthy comrade. “Baba taught me to enjoy life to the fullest. He would always tell me to never get upset in life, and focus on making our lives meaningful. He inspired us to make life worthwhile.”

She said her father himself lived according to what he preached. “He lived a complete life and was seldom depressed.”

She thanked everyone for showering Soumitra, who passed away on Sunday, with love.


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