Ahmad Shafi was ‘murdered by Jamaat-Shibir men’

Former Hefajat-e Islam chief Shah Ahmad Shafi was murdered by Jamaat-Shibir men for his stance against anti-liberation forces, claimed his brother-in-law Moin Uddin.

While attending a press conference at Chattogram Press Club yesterday, Moin made the statement and urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to conduct a judicial probe into the matter.

At the press conference, under the banner of Hefajat-e Islam, followers of Ahmad Shafi demanded cancellation of Hefajat-e Islam representatives’ conference which is scheduled to be held today.

The conference has been arranged to handover the apolitical organisation to the grip of BNP-Jamaat, they alleged.

Hefajat-e-Islam Joint Secretary General Moinuddin Ruhi spoke at the conference attended by six members of Hefajat central body and Shafi’s grandson Maolana Kaisar.

Moin Uddin claimed that Shafi’s son Anas Madani was also supposed to attend the press conference but failed as he was compelled to remain absconded due to life threats.

In his written statement, Moin Uddin also mentioned that Jamaat-Shibir men attacked Hathazari Madrasa in 1985 with an intention of killing Shafi and taking control of the madrasa.

There was anger among Jammat-Shibir men against Shafi as the later used to speak and write books against anti-liberation forces, he added.

The plot to kill Shafi was being made ever since he escaped the trap of BNP-Jamaat in the capital’s Shapla Chattar on May 5, 2013, he claimed.

He also claimed that miscreants snapped the oxygen supply of Shafi several times to deteriorate his condition that led him to go into coma.

Later, several blockades were made on the way to hospital to delay his treatment, he added.

Meanwhile, another faction of Hefajat-e Islam claimed that Shafi was killed.

Attending a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club, Hefajat Joint Secretary General Mufti Foyzullah claimed that an identified quarter killed Shafi to materialise their vested agenda.

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