Doja Cat tested positive for coronavirus after downplaying it

During an Instagram Live on her verified account, the sometimes controversial rapper and singer said she didn’t fear the virus and had some NSFW words for those who did.
“It’s a flu,” she told her followers. “You just take some Mucinex (a cold and flu medication) and drink water and tea and sleep. That’s all you gotta do.”

She has now revealed that she contracted coronavirus.

Doja Cat denies taking part in racist conversations
The “Say So” star told Capital XTRA that she was unsure as to how she had contracted it, but has since recovered.

“I’m okay now,” she said. “It was a four-day symptom freakout, but I’m fine now.”

Doja Cat made headlines in May when she was accused of having participated in racist conversations online in the past and a song she released in 2015 titled “Dindu Nuffin” resurfaced.

The song’s title refers to a racist slur used to mock victims of police brutality.

The 24-year-old artist denied participating in racist conversations online.

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