PCB ‘disappointed’ with Mohammad Hafeez making COVID-19 test result public

Wasim Khan says he spoke to Hafeez and made it clear to him at the PCB’s disappointment at the way he had handled this entire affair. Photo: File

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) CEO Wasim Khan has been disappointed with veteran all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez’s on making his second test report which showed negative results  regarding COVID-19, a day after he was tested positive under the board’s testing arrangement.

Wasim, in a YouTube video with Waheed Khan’s Cricket Baaz channel, said that Hafeez’s handling of the issue took the PCB by surprise but noted that it was not the first instance when the cricketer named breached social media protocol.

The 39-year-old cast doubt over the credibility of the tests conducted by the PCB when he took to Twitter, without the board’s knowledge, to post his negative results.

“I spoke to Hafeez today and I made it clear to him our disappointment at the way he had handled this entire affair. As an individual, he has a right to take a private test but he should have spoken to us first because he created a problem for us. This is not the first time that Hafeez has breached our rules in the media,” Wasim said.

Wasim revealed that Hafeez’s approach caused issues to the board and added that the board was in works of taking “the next steps”.

“He doesn’t have a central contract but once he was selected for the Pakistan team he has to abide by the rules and regulations for all players especially pertaining to the use of social media. We are still looking at the matter because it has caused us a lot of problems,” the PCB CEO said.

“There is protocol to follow and we’re currently thinking about the next steps.”

Meanwhile, when asked of the credibility of the results, Wasim expressed confidence over the board’s approach and added that having contrasting results in back-to-back tests was not unheard of.

“We’re confident that our results are correct as we’ve used the very best testing kits. It is not uncommon that when players test themselves 24 or 48 hours later their results come out the opposite.”

As for the remaining players that have tested positive, the PCB chief they will undergo another round of testing to ensure the accuracy of their original results.

In the event that their results come out negative, the players will undergo a third round to ensure that they are virus free.

“We’re going to retest them if they test negative then they will undergo another round. We need two negative results in order to send these players to England,” he said. 

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