Trafficking to Kuwait: Investigators looking for MP Shahid’s brother

They used to charge each people Tk 5 lakh to Tk 7 lakh to send them to Kuwait.

After contacting people from across the country through brokers, they used to send the fortune seekers to Kuwait through the travel agency of Kazi Mohammed Badrul Alam alias Liton Chowdhury, younger brother of Lakshmipur-2 lawmaker Kazi Md Shahid Islam alias Kazi Papul.

The collected money, gathered through sending people to Kuwait, was later deposited into different bank accounts of the two siblings.

The Criminal Investigation Department, now probing human trafficking charges against the lawmaker, has claimed to have gleaned the information from a staff of the recruiting agency named Job Bank International.

Md Golam Mostafa, accountant of the recruiting agency, was arrested on August 20 in a case filed by several trafficking victims with Motijheel Police Station on July 7.

Mostofa later gave confessional statement under section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Masud Ur Rahman on August 24.

Speaking to The Daily Star yesterday, CID Deputy Inspector General Imtiaz Ahmed said, “We have found important information and got names of some people involved in trafficking people into Kuwait. We are now analysing that information and verifying those people’s involvement.”

Imtiaz, however, refused to disclose the identities of the suspects.

Requesting anonymity, a top CID official said they were looking for Kazi Badrul’s whereabouts.

“As Kazi Badrul’s name has already surfaced in a confessional statement, we will bring trafficking charges against him,” he added.

According to sources, Mostafa in the confessional statement said he used to send people to Kuwait through Job Bank International as per directives of Kazi Badrul. These people were later received by Kazi Papul’s agency “Marafie Kuwaitia” in Kuwait.

Mostafa said he had joined the recruiting agency as an accountant in 2012. He said brokers used to persuade people from different districts to give money to them to have a better job abroad with good salary. But their dream for a better future would be shattered soon as they would not get those jobs.

Mostafa claimed that one “Taiyeb” used to frequent the recruiting agency to oversee the trafficking process, but he never met any fortune seekers. Mostafa, however, did not give details about Taiyeb, sources said.

Mostafa further said he used to complete the ticketing and visa process of sending people to Kuwait through a recruiting agency in the capital’s Fakirapool area, named “Best Travel”. Someone named “Monir” in the agency used to complete the other proceesses, according to court sources.

Besides depositing the collected money into the bank accounts of Kazi Papul and his brother Kazi Badrul, Mostafa used to hand them cash amounts.

Mostafa said Kazi Badrul went into hiding after the Kuwaiti law enforcers and the government conducted drives at Kazi Papul’s agency in Kuwait.

Mentioning that he was unaware of the trafficking activities, Mostafa apologised for what he did for the recruiting agency, said court sources citing his confessional statement.

This newspaper could not reach Kazi Badrul for comment as his phone was found switched off.


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